MIDI Bells

Musical bells and Ensemble Play allow everyone to play songs in a group setting and instantly experience the joy of creating harmonious music. MIDI Bells allows 2 or more players, even those with no piano experience, to play songs on the piano.

This app connects 2 or more phone browsers to the piano app on the Mac, PC using the USB MIDI interface

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  1. Ensure that the MIDI Bells App and the Players browsers are on the same WIFI network. Port 8080 must be available in the WIFI network
  2. Connect the USB from the MIDI Bells phone to the PC or Mac running any Piano app that accepts USB MIDI interface. We recommend our companion MIDI Piano Learning App. On the Piano app settings, connect MIDI Bells. You may need to refresh the Input Devices to see it.
  3. On the Android phone running the MIDI Bells App,
    • either pull down from the top of screen, select the entry USB Preferences, and then select MIDI.
      Select USB MIDI
    • or go to Settings > Developer options > Networking and check the box for MIDI in the Select USB Configuration dialog.
  4. On the MIDI Bells App, select the MIDI port
    Select Port
  5. 2 or more Players can scan QR Code to connect their phone browsers (Android, iOS, Harmony etc) to the MIDI Bells web server.
    Player Phone
  6. Decide the number of players and their position. On their individual browser, players set the number of players and their play position.
    Player Selection
  7. Choose the song on the MIDI Piano Learning App and play. Have fun!!

MIDI Piano Learning App

An interactive piano-learning app that runs directly in your web browser at

  1. Falling Notes Visualization / Sheet Music Notation - When you open any MIDI file, it displays the notes as falling bars over a virtual piano keyboard. Alternatively, it can show the corresponding sheet music notation.
    Falling Notes
  2. MIDI Keyboard Integration - Connect your MIDI keyboard to your computer using a MIDI-to-USB cable. As you play, it provides instant feedback on whether you hit the correct notes.
    PC/Mac MIDI Setting
  3. Web Browser Compatibility - To connect a MIDI keyboard, the browser must support the WebMIDI API. For Windows, MacOS, ChromeOS and Android, please use only the Chrome/Edge browsers. It does not work on iOS, Safari and Firefox for Android

Electronic Assistive Technology

Electronic assistive technology empowers elderly learners, allowing them to continue learning, adapt to changing abilities, and maintain a fulfilling lifestyle. As people age, they encounter physical limitations, sensory changes, and cognitive decline. Assistive technology helps seniors continue learning by compensating for these challenges.

As the technology is also suitable for young children as well, it leads to a natural inter-generational activity as they learn together. This reduces social isolation by enabling communication and connection.

Electronic assistive technology is advancing rapidly, driven not only by ongoing developments in electronic devices but also by the growing integration and application of mass-market products like mobile phones.

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